Sunday, August 2, 2015

I have been busy making shirts, skirts and whatever for other people. 

The stripe is a Blouse Back T by Hotpatterns.  It worked out pretty well.  The two skirts are from New Look and are just a basic skirt pattern.  The camo shirt is from Kwik Sew and the pattern is now OOP. 

I continue to wonder what 'type' I am in terms of style of clothing and what that means for the style of clothing I make.  Despite my continuing efforts at making a well-fitting T-shirt, I actually prefer buttonup woven shirts. 

One thing that occurred to me over the weekend is that I really need to take my clothing style from my footware.  I mean wearing Teva sandals, short boots and Danskos really should be giving me hints, ya know?  Retro Hippy?  Sporty?  LOL!

I have two more shirts to finish for 'other' people and then it is back to sewing for myself.  I do have a pattern for a button up that fits, so I think I will make that next.  Just have to figure out what fabric to use.  I have plenty!  :)

Later, gators!