Sunday, May 31, 2015

T-Shirt Fitting

I spent four months fitting a T-shirt pattern.  Like many people, my body is many different sizes.  I have size Small shoulders, size XXL torso and then size medium legs.  To get anything to fit I have alter any pattern I use. 

I didn't realize until this journey started how narrow my shoulders are.  For a variety of reasons I thought I am big all over.  I'm not.  This has created a bit of a fitting nightmare. 

There are two ways to approach fitting and I have not yet settled on either one.  It is still a work in progress. 

Method 1:  Fit the shoulders and do massive FBA (full bust adjustment). 

Method 2:  Fit the bust and do a narrow shoulder adjustment.

These changes are along with a rounded back adjustment, sloped shoulder adjustment and others that pop up for each pattern. 

I started with Vogue 8793 without the zipper collar.

The first shirt I did was an XXL. 

There is lots of fabric right above the bust and the shoulders fall off me.

Next was a L.

This is not quite so bad.  A little less fabric, but shoulders are still falling off.

Shirt no. 3 was a medium.

Shirt no. 4 was a small with a massive FBA.  This is the pattern that I eventually adjusted to get patterns to fit.

It is not yet perfect, but it is better and least as presentable as RTW.

I am pleased with the progress so far.  There are minor tweaks that I have done to the pattern, but I am calling this one good enough ... for now.  :)