Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Current Sewing Room

I used to have my sewing room in the basement.  The basement is very large and plenty big enough for my sewing and fabric racks and cutting table and and and ...  It is also very dark.  It has two of those underground window well windows and the walls are painted dark tan.  Since we are renting, I can't change anything.  Eventually, I had had enough.  So, I moved upstairs.  I am currently in what should be the master bedroom.  Top floor, large windows on two sides.  Heaven!  :)  My fabric is still downstairs in what I call the dungeon, which should tell you how I feel about that room.

It is not usually this messy, but I have a couple of projects I am working on set out on the cutting table.   Here are pictures of my sewing room:

Serger and Coverstitch machines

Main sewing machine

Laptop and table


Ironing board and closet with storage

Cutting table - 3x6

Embroidery Machine

Reference Library      

I love my sewing room.  It makes me very happy to be able to see out, watch the squirrels and sunsets, snowstorms and windstorms.  I do not ever want to return downstairs again!  :)


Monday, February 16, 2015

My Ruler Rack

I am lucky to have a very handy spouse. I recently decided I wanted all my rulers in one place, so I asked hom to make me a ruler rack. Here it is:

There is a slot in the middle for my large rulers and slots on both front and back for other rulers. I love my new ruler rack!



Fitting is not for the faint hearted

I have been working on fitting for the last two months. I am not doing anything fancy ... just trying to get my shape figured out.

I have been fitting a simple t-shirt, but ya see I am not all of one size. I am also what is termed "plus sized". Along the way I have learned a lot about me, as in, how I am shaped. Sounds kinda silly to say it, but I have spent years not really knowing anything about me. I just took what RTW retailers said and even though I think I am reasonably intelligent, it took the fitting process to really bring home to me why RTW doesn't ever fit.

I started out with trying to refine the fit in my shoulders and chest area. I have always known that I do not fit in Plus sizes in my shoulders. Now I really know. I have narrow shoulders. There, I have said it. I would never have thought I had narrow shoulders. After all, I am a plus sized middle-aged female. :)

My journey of discovery started out this way. I started with an XL and ended up with gobs of extra fabric in the shoulder/armhole area. Next I tried a large, still gobs of fabric. So I tried a medium. Better, but still hangs off shoulder a bit. So, I tried a small. I mean really ... a small? Well, the shoulders finally fit! I had done an FBA, round back adjustment, etc. for my rather round body, so it was not a problem to get it fit around me. It does still need work.

Now I need to figure how armholes, because, of course, even with adjustment, the armholes don't fit right. So, shoulders and across chest a small. Armholes are XL. Bodies are weird!

Fitting is so invigorating. Keeps the mind young. :). Even if it does make you want to bash your head against a wall.