Sunday, March 17, 2013

The demise of Google Reader in a few months is causing a lot of consternation for a lot of us.

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Judith said...

I really must take your lead and sign up this weekend with Bloglovin...before I miss a spot!

Troy said...

I caught a blog you were on talking about your Kenmore 117.841. I know it's been over a year since that post but I thought I would pass on a little information.
The Kenmore 117.841 was made by Pfaff in 1958. Pfaff bought Gritzner Kayser sewing machine co. (G-K) in 1957 and produced the Kenmore 117.841, Pfaff 239 (same as the 117.841), pfaff 139 (same machine with no cams), Pfaff 280, Lady Kenmore 516.890 (same as the Pfaff 280).
G-K also produced Kenmore 117.740, 117.840, White 651 Automatic and Domestic Imperial Automatic 941. All use the same cams and presser feet.
The Kenmore, Domestic and white machines were sub-contracted from G-K through White sewing Co.
Long way around to tell you that you can interchange a lot of parts from these machines.
If you are still looking for a tension assembly for your 117.741, their is a pfaff 139 assembly on ebay now.
I hope this helps!

harada57 said...
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